The artistic world of Charles Dumolin

Charles Dumolin was born in the area of Bruges, Belgium in the spring of 1952.
He grows up in Flandres fields where the spirit of the first world war is still

As a multimedia artist he works with artistic projects all over the world.

In the seventies he had several exhibitions in Brussels, London and Paris...
At that time he had as a "singer-songwriter" some musical "hits"...
His song " Sing Sing " became a number one-hit in Belgium,
and some other songs where in the top-ten of several European countries.
His song "America" was in 1973 in the "American hot 100" on number 76...

Music and painting were his passion at this time...
Dumolin worked for 2 years in London at different musical projects and
that gave him the opportunity to discover the artistic life of London.
At that time he had expositions in several art-gallerys.

In 79 he had an entry for the Eurovision Songcontest in Jerusalem
with his song "Hey Nana" performed by Micha Marah.

Charles wrote also music for Art Sullivan, Ringo and Sheila.... and was
for RTL Luxemburg the House music writer...

Charles Dumolin had the chance to make a serie literary records with famous
belgian writers as Johan Daisne, Marnix Gysen, Louis Paul Boon, Gerard Walschap..

Jozef Deleu, the editor of "Ons Erfdeel" and " The Low Countries " became
Dumolin's artistic mentor... Dumolin was Deleu's producer for his CD
" Gezangen uit het Achterland"

Charles Dumolin was also in 1979 in Poland with a Flemisch cultural mission in
Warsaw and ... Krakow. There he visited for the first time Auschwitz and Birkenau...

Charles Dumolin made so many projects:

- paintings for the Trade Mart Centre in Brussels,
Claude Carrere in Paris, Maison Rouge in London...

- fresco's for many decors ( from Art- shops to swimmingpools )

- posters and flyers for the city of Bruges and many other clients

- calenders for the Belgium Gouvernment

- many record- and CD- booklets ( more than 200)

- photography for many artists : Ann Christy, Marvin Gaye...

- producing of many projects from classical music to New age...

- performances on television in more than 15 countries including
Congo, Israel and Poland...

In the beginning of the 90-ties Charles Dumolin started to work with digital
painting. In Los Angeles he met- and that was a new start- a new
medium: the computer.

Since 7 years he has his own Art gallery in the centre of Bruges,
located in a 19 th.century artist house.
This year, 2002, Bruges is the Cultural Capital of Europe and Charles Dumolin
is making a painting of 50 square meters on his wall.... It is for the first time
that the city of Bruges give its permission and support for a project like that.

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